Réunion-based company invests in Muller Martini MailLiner

André Chanez, sales manager at Muller Martini; Alfred Chane-Pane, président directeur genéral of ICP Roto; and Philippe Van Damme, plant director A new Muller Martini MailLiner direct mail system will enable Réunion graphics arts company ICP Roto to automate the sorting of insert sets, which until now it has performed manually.

As the largest graphics arts company on the island, which lies in the Indian Ocean, ICP Roto is heavily engaged in the production of newspapers, magazines, books and the direct mail business. Each week up 300 000 insert bundles, mainly containing leaflets and flyers for local shopping centres, are posted to mailboxes.

As a long-standing partner of Muller Martini, the print service provider is investing in a new MailLiner direct mail system featuring eight feeders, an air blade for insert covers and a FlexPack M bundle builder for strapping. Alfred Chane-Pane, président directeur genéral of the family business comments: ‘To improve our productivity and cost-effectiveness, cut costs and increase quality, we want to switch to an automatic solution.’

Automated sorting

The new MailLiner provides direct mail companies with a simple solution for the sorting of unaddressed advertising without the need for a carrier or foil, thanks to an innovative concept that is unique on the market.

At the gathering line, one of the inserts is used as a cover and folded using an air blade after all the other inserts have been applied. The gathered insert sets then enter the FlexPack M. Since the integrated bundle builder, unlike other compensating stackers, does not compensate layers, it is ideally suited to this insert gathering process in terms of flexibility and product quality. As a result, the individual inserts can have different formats, without the inset sets becoming unstable. The various bundles can also be of different sizes without sacrificing stability.

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