Remata's Duplo PUR binder cuts turnaround and costs

Remata's Duplo International FKS PrintBind KB-4000 PUR binder has reduced turnaround times of binding jobsRemata, the Johannesburg-based printer, has bought and installed a Duplo International FKS PrintBind KB-4000 PUR binder from local agent Kemtek Print Solutions that, amongst other benefits, has reduced turnaround times of applicable binding jobs from a few days to one day.  The new system gives Remata numerous operational benefits in addition to a more rapid turnaround, better quality binding and lower costs.

‘The speedier turnaround times are a result of two factors,’ says Esmé Bense, director at Remata. ‘Firstly, we don't have to outsource PUR binding to finishing partners and, secondly, the machine uses hotmelt for the side glue allowing for books to be lightly cut within hours of glueing while the PUR still cures.’

The PUR binder from Duplo is more suitable for shorter run jobs and makes them highly cost-competitive. The system is far less expensive to buy than the longer run equipment traditionally used. Setup is simplified so that the number of wasted books in the setup process is reduced from 20 to 30 books on the longer run equipment to just one or two books on the new Duplo FKS.

‘When you're doing shorter runs the cost can become onerous on the larger equipment,’ says Johan Faurie, regional product manager at Kemtek. ‘Runs of 100 books that result in 20 to 30 waste books aren’t really economically viable so this machine is specifically suited to Remata's market.’

In addition to the reduced waste, Remata also retains full control of the quality and schedule of its binding jobs.

Quality is improved because the Duplo PUR binder, regardless of the paper quality being bound, roughens the spines to draw out the fibres as it draws them across the glue nozzle. That ensures spines on thicker books don't crack and pages split out.

‘We recently bound a 990-page, with a 52mm spine width, book and the result was a strong and perfect bind,’ says Bense.

‘What's nice about this particular machine and what differentiates it from the competition is that it uses a combination of PUR binding glue for the spine and hot melt glue for the covers,’ says Faurie. ‘The hot melt glue dries in a couple of seconds so that when the cover is wrapped around the book it holds the pages in place while the PUR glue is drying so the books can be stacked without risk of the pages moving.’ He adds that typical PUR glue requires eight to as many as 24 hours to cure, depending on the thickness of the glue, but that after the Duplo binding process the books can be cut within six to eight hours.

The Duplo PUR Binder also uses 1kg pellets of PUR glue as opposed to liquid from 20l containers that must be fed through pipes that need to be cleaned and maintained during the work process and between jobs, which adds to downtime and start-up time. Yet a full glue tank in the Duplo system will bind on average 1 800 to 2 000 books. As with bigger, standalone PUR perfect binders, Remata's Duplo binder is fitted with an integrated PUR tank so it does not need fume extraction. Dry air is also circulated in the tank which makes the glue more durable. The machine also comes fitted with an automated cleaning feature that takes only 10 minutes to complete. It produces 200 books per hour at a price point well below the larger systems. 

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