Muller Martini’s Ventura book sewing machine a perfect fit for the South African market

Markus Estermann, production manager at Conzella with Peter Stein, area sales manager at Muller Martini Germany.The new Muller Martini MC 160 book sewing machine has been put through its paces in continuous use, and has passed with flying colours. The company has announced the availability of the machine in South Africa.

An MC 160 has been operating at top speed at the site of a field test customer, and has more than proven itself as an industrial solution. The new machine combines all the benefits of the globally successful Ventura MC 200 in a more compact form to produce end products of excellent quality. It also has numerous other benefits, including patented loop formation using blow air, which removes the need for expensive and error-prone grippers in the stitching centre.

The suckers, which can be switched on individually and are each equipped with an injector, ensure a high degree of production reliability. Reliability is also guaranteed by the Asir sensor, which can be integrated with the unit’s auxiliary saddle to control the sequence of signatures and opening.

Markings on signatures are prevented by the nip rollers being switched off above a speed of 50 cycles. No other entry-level model in the market allows cutting the threads without tension between the individual book blocks, which is made possible by the active thread divider system.

At field test customer, Conzella Verlagsbuchbinderei Urban Meister in Pfarrkirchen, Germany, the MC 160 processed over 10 million signatures in its first six months of operation. ‘The quality of the end products is consistently high,’ says the German company’s production manager Markus Estermann.

Conzella integrated the Ventura, like its other seven book sewing machines, with one of its two VenturaConnect systems. The signatures are gathered, stacked and processed into thread-sewn book blocks in a single procedure, thereby considerably reducing the production costs of thread-sewn products.

Ideal for the South African industry

‘Muller Martini is now also proud to announce the Ventura MC 160 with breath-taking technology in the middle range market in South Africa,’ Jules Dietz, regional sales director at Muller Martini told Graphix.

‘It is a real amazing performer with best features regarding fast make-ready processes, operator friendliness and high throughput value. The unique and patented loop formation, the active thread separation and proven ASIR system make the Muller Martini MC 160 book sewing machine a winner,’ he says. ‘Imagine the combined staggered stitching mode can be set up at a simple touch of a button. I am convinced that with this Ventura is reaching height.’

The MC160, new Vareo 3-clamp perfect binder with servo-technology and Presto II digital saddle stitching machine is Muller Martini’s contribution to the growing short-run and digital-oriented printing market. Dietz points out the various units can be linked to a management information systems network for downloading or uploading order information or production data.

‘The markets for hardcovers like photobooks, cooking and travel books are increasingly requiring personalised and individualised versions. With a range of equipment related to output and functionality, Muller Martini is providing a wide range of solutions.’

Thunderbolt Solutions is a distributor of Muller Martini solutions in South Africa. 

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