Color-Logic supports partners, clients to drive brand demand

Printing software supplier Color-Logic develops ‘Driving demand for your brand’ campaignPrinting software supplier Color-Logic has developed a campaign called ‘Driving demand for your brand’ to assist its partners and clients in using print to differentiate their brands in the marketplace and thereby increase sales.

The campaign is designed to help the licensed printers that it serves, as well as its technology partners and brand clients, to better understand what is possible in the current print environment.

A majority of licensed Color-Logic printers have neither the resources nor the time to develop their own marketing programmes that demonstrate the power of print. For this reason such programmes are necessary to help brand managers, advertising agencies, and graphic design firms embrace new marketing innovations. 

The company, which focuses on software for decorative effects and metallic colours in the printing process, has created a Goodies Vault that contains more than 70 files with images ready for use in printers' marketing programs.  An entire series of sales tools is also available to help its members demonstrate the value of print to current and new clients.

Plug-ins are also available from Color-Logic for Adobe software that will enable designers to add decorative effects to their creations in seconds, rather than the hours or days currently required.  Licensed designers will also have access to educational videos showing how to create a variety of decorative effects and how to use the 250 Color-Logic metallic colours.

Watermark offering

The Watermark-FX feature in the upgraded Color-Logic Design Suite lets graphic designers create watermarks without using a varnish plate or expensive post-press finishing.  With just one mouse click, this new feature creates watermarks for use as first-line security or market identity purposes.

‘Until now, watermarks have plagued graphic designers and brand managers because of their difficult execution on press or the need for expensive post press finishing or spot varnish.  In just seconds with the upgraded Color-Logic Design Suite, designers can reliably create watermarks that can be executed on press as part of their overall design, with just five inks,’ comments chief technical officer Richard Ainge.

The full suite is available from licensed Color-Logic printers or directly from Color-Logic for US$150.  Files prepared using the Color-Logic Design Suite are only printed by licensed Color-Logic printers.  

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